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Asia Advise Group LTD helps your business enter and grow into South-East Asia markets. We advise Western companies to win Far East markets, and Asian companies to develop their business in the global markets.

We are a consulting firm which combines traditional advisory with a hands-on and management-oriented approach. We empower our corporate clients with insightful and counter-intuitive advice, to make them standout in the competition arena of South-East Asia.

​We do not want to just equip your organization with our expertise. We would like to make your business grow together with us, with a long-term perspective.

​We at Asia Advise Group are specialized in the internationalization of SMEs (small-medium sized enterprises).

Our work mostly focuses on these areas:

  • international business strategy (sales development, market entry strategy, marketing plans, business plans, feasibility studies, legal risk management, legal advice, corporate establishment)
  • management in South East Asia – we create manufacturing companies or subsidiaries of overseas firms and we manage them from scratch 
  • temporary export management for Asian firms 

​Our consultants have gained a broad and sound experience by working in Sales & Marketing departments of MNCs (multinational corporations) and in legal services, with a particular expertise acquired in Asia.

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Collaboration is at the heart of our vision for open and sustainable trade. As
we enter a critical decade for the SDGs, it is time to work together and identify
opportunities to build global supply chains that are a force for good, for people, the planet and business. Join us to network with some of the leading lights in open and sustainable trade.

Together we can: share experiences; share new ideas; and ignite new possibilities.

We can inspire positive change.

Tell us about your needs, and we’ll make them happen.

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