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Asia Advise Group Solutions at a Glance

We offer tailored services that create value and new untapped opportunities for our Clients:


  • Get the best products, parts, components, and raw materials in Asia.
  • We select reliable suppliers based on factory audits and evaluation of the main qualitative and economic parameters.
  • We source hard-to-find niche components through our Asian supplier network.
  • We negotiate partnerships, contractual or corporate joint-ventures with local suppliers, previously selected and assessed by us.
  • We take care as well of all the logistics operations, shipment and trading procedures, to ensure excellent service and guarantee best practices to our Clients.
  • Through our comprehensive Asian and European network, we negotiate the best purchasing and selling conditions.


We advise our Clients on how to enter new markets and win them. We leverage our local expertise, long-lasting business network, and market knowledge to ensure success. We devise market entry strategies, as well as sustainable, long-term strategies for European and Asian businesses eager to grow international.


Using our experienced District Managers, we constantly develop and monitor our Clients’ existing sales network. We build from zero our Clients’ new sales network, by choosing the best local companies that will represent and promote their products across South-East Asia.

Our Clients will count on a dedicated District Manager, who will promote their products.

Using a state-of-the-art customer relationship management system, we ensure better penetration of existing products and services, as well as successful new product launches. Our structured and systematic market development ensures that we build brands and increase market share in Asia today and in the long term. 

  • Market penetration analysis
  • Establishment of license agreements with major clients
  • Sales and marketing, finance and administration and IT support
  • Target selected market segments
  • Services across the marketing mix (4P & 4C)
  • Collection of market feedback and transparency regarding our Clients’ segments and their products
  • Brand management
  • Research and selection of best locations for shops (department stores, flagships, temporary stores, etc.)
  • Import strategy
  • Set up of local legal entities
  • Business development and products promotion
  • Importers’ and dealers’ network management
  • Participation at trade fairs, events, and exhibitions
  • Financing and rental solutions in Asia
  • Event management and field trips
  • Recruiting and HR management
  • Media management


We take care of the whole supply chain and logistics operations.

Products are transported, stored and distributed efficiently and professionally thanks our extensive capacities and expertise.  In addition, we offer many integrated supply chain related services.

  • Import management
  • Cross-border trading (inbound and outbound Asia-Europe)
  • Inventory management
  • Shipment and transshipment
  • Logistics
  • Distribution
  • Storage and Warehousing


Our experienced team is our Clients’ service and assistance team all across South-East Asia.

With our internal team, we manage the after sales service related to our Clients’ products.  We offer best-in-class after sales services and provide quick and reliable support for all our Clients.

  • Installation, configuration and commissioning
  • Warranty services
  • Repairs and maintenance
  • Operators training

Internationalization and Business Strategy

We assess and identify the potential attractiveness of the products/services you want to export in the new market.  The first step for you to enter a new market is to get meaningful insights based on in-person interviews with local experts and managers in your industry and data collected locally on the ground.

We also provide corporate evaluation as regards potential target companies – notwithstanding the industry or the business stage.

​​​We carry out all the strategic assessments through market analyses, data collection, “boot-on-the ground” interviews, SWOT analysis, Porter analysis, marketing plan, and comprehensive business plans.

Sales Development

We help you sell your products/services in a new market, though the selection and the daily management of local distributors, dealers and retailers.

Having the right product is not enough anymore.

In competitive ASEAN markets, sales network management, continuous assistance, dealers’ staff trainingon time service, setting sales goals and brand consistency are essential to succeed.

Essentially, we become your “Business Development Department” for foreign and overseas markets. One sales professional of our team will become your external district manager.

Our district manager is totally committed in the development of your business.

Business Law

We manage the legal risk arising from global operations, by protecting and enhancing the rights of the foreign investors. We take care of the local regulation, due diligence, commercial contracts, establishment of local legal entities, and a variety of legal related solutions (business licenses, work permits, employments agreements, etc.).

​For foreign investors in South-East Asia we have successfully negotiated JV agreements, dispute settlement resolutions, and shareholders’ agreements.

In addition, we assist our Clients for the acquisition procedure of local firms, also regarding distressed assets. Thanks to our European and Thai partners – first-tier corporate law firms based either in Italy or in Thailand – we are able to help you in all the different stages of the acquisition.

Project and Export Management

For a certain period of time or on a project basis, we at ASIA ADVISE GROUP fill junior and senior management positions within your company, in order to redefine your business strategy, fulfill a business project, improve your business operations, solve critical issues, lead your team towards the desired goals.

We also offer export management solutions, to boost your sales overseas and manage your sales distribution abroad.

For best helping our Asian Clients, we have ongoing collaboration with management consultancy companies and with temporary management agencies operating in Europe.


We at ASIA ADVISE GROUP provide turn key projects which allow your business to start fully operating in South-East Asia.

We make you produce in an ASEAN country within six/nine months, by using tax exemptions for FDIs (Foreign Direct Investments), establishing a local legal entity, getting BOI (Board of Investmentpromotion and all the required business licenses, finding the right factory, hiring local staff and managers, searching, buying and shipping machinery and equipment.

Eventually, upon our Client’s needs, we can manage the new delocalized company.

Investment Opportunities

We identify investment opportunities in the Thai and European markets, focusing also on distressed M&A.

  1. Working within the tech start-up environment in South-East Asia, we can propose you some attractive seed investments in a mix of local and foreign start-ups aiming to set their operations in Far East.
  2. We look for and, after a preliminary assessment, we identify investment opportunities in the European market, with a special focus on distressed M&A in Italy. European and Italian distressed assets allow you to acquire valuable technology and expertise at a very competitive price.
  3. We search as well potential Asian companies with consolidated operations willing to expand their business. They are a perfect target for investors who want to enter fast-growing Asian markets and further develop well-established companies.

Tell us about your needs, and we’ll make them happen.

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