How We Work

We facilitate enterprise commerce at an international scale

How We Work

Asia Advise Group helps clients to expand their activities across Asia or Europe.Years of experience has allowed us to put together and facilitate the necessary network of connection, indispensable for the success of our business.

​With an increasingly competitive worldwide market, it is essential to study and implement customized strategies. We tailor made the most effective sales strategy based both on our Clients’ strengths and weaknesses, and the dynamics of the market where the products need to be offered.

​With regard to Retail Management, it is key to select the appropriate local partners, either as non-exclusive dealers or main importers, in order to better promote our Clients’ products.

​One of the most common mistakes – often due to distance and different cultural or business mentalities – Is to believe that once a deal is reached, the distributor will effectively and appropriately promote the products.

Unfortunately, it is not always going as described above, since local distributors are in most cases working on a multi-platform products range, and will treat your products simply as “one of the many”. As a result, several products are not marketed in the correct way and therefore local sales are poorly performing.

​In many cases, foreign ventures wrongly believe that the local dealer is effectively promoting their products, whilst in reality this is not happening, with disappointing results on both sides.

​The best way to overcome this situation is to put the “boots on the ground”, with a constant control of local sales activities. Only by setting up an effective presence in the new market, foreign businesses can redirect all sales efforts towards a successful, localized, tailored-on-local-tastes product marketing.

On top, this strategy also reassures the dealer of the principal’s commitment in the region and contributes to a better overall result.

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